Monday, April 28, 2014

Reese's 2nd Easter

Toddler Easter Basket Contents:

-Dora Stickers
-Hello Kitty Toothbrush
-Chocolate Surprise Egg (one of Reese's favorite things)
- Bracelets
-Egg sippy cup
-Minnie Flashlight
-Minnie nightlight
-Minne sunglasses
-Sesame street flashcards (Reese loves these at school)
-Dora socks
-Doc McStuffins socks

Easter Brunch

We celebrated Easter on Saturday with my brother and sister. Here are some pictures from the day.

 Kids Table

Easter Egg Hunting

My nephew feeding his sister a donut

Popping Tags/Toddler Style

We went thrift shopping over the weekend. The anticipation of finding great deals was so exciting that I nearly jumped out of the car before Ryan parked. We went to 2 places. 1 consignment shop and 1 thrift shop and got a ton of stuff for Reese for about $50 dollars. The orange ombre gap shirt dress was picked up by my mother in law from another consignment shop.

From the top left: Baby Gap dress, Cherokee shirt and baby gap shorts, cherokee dress, hartstrings denim, cherokee shirt, Osh Gosh sweater, cherokee shirt

Circo sweatshirt, Baby Gap dress, Crew Cuts shirt, polo romper, Cherokee dress, Old Navy Dress

We got all of these clothes (minus the baby gap ombre dress) and 5 pairs of shoes (which I threw in the washing machine) for about $50. If you haven't been thrift shopping, I highly recommend it!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt

Reese loves watching YouTube videos of random people opening surprise eggs so she's always very excited about finding Easter eggs around the house. For the past 2 weeks, Ryan and I have been hiding at least one egg a day for her to find. It's usually when she gets up in the morning that we have one waiting for her. 

This weekend, on Friday night, we had a glow in the dark egg hunt.  We put mini glow sticks in her eggs and shut off the lights. She would find them, and then we'd hide them again. We even let her take the eggs in the bath.

Today, we hit about 25 eggs outside. I bought a bunch of small things from PartyCity so they would fit in the eggs: mini elephant, tiger, lion, stamps, stickers, rubber ducks, etc. I skipped the stuff that was a major choking hazard. Reese didn't really understand that you are supposed to collect all the eggs, and then open them after you've found them all. Instead, she opened them as she found them, dropped the contents on the ground, and then ran to the next.

We had so much fun watching her run around the yard!  We get to do it all again when my niece and nephew come over next weekend!

Monday, April 7, 2014

How to get your toddler to take medicine

Reese has had more than 10 ear infections, and every time we have to get her to take antibiotics, it's torture for all of us!  Unfortunately, she always has to take the grossest option: Augmentin. The other antibiotics just don't treat her infections. This means more volume per dose and more doses. It's torture to try to get 20 doses of the medicine in over 10 days, and I would dread it every morning and every evening. And since she hates juice and milk, it's tough to mix into a liquid.

We tried everything to get her to take it: Mixing it in an ice cream milkshake, making her a fruit smoothie to drink with a straw, hiding it in applesauce, etc, etc. Only recently did we come up with another method, and it involves a little bit of trickery. And I don't even feel bad.

Reese always wants a bite of whatever I am eating, so I mixed one pouch of a Gogurt (any flavored yogurt would work) in a Squeez'Ems reusable food pouch. I then proceeded to pretend like I was eating the best thing ever and would exaggerate that "Daddy and Reese couldn't have any." Of course, Reese begged for a bite and would eat the entire thing. So every morning and every evening, Ryan and I would use our best acting skills (we were ridiculous) and always pretended like it was "mommy's yogurt." Daddy would beg for a bite and so Reese would too. It also worked well, because the antibiotic is supposed to be taken with food.

My only other suggestion would be to try to talk to your child's doctor about an appropriate antibiotic that has less doses and less volume. The less there is to swallow, the easier to mix and mask in something else. In my opinion, anything more than 3ml is too much and Reese would always spit it out when administered with a syringe. Luckily, the above trick worked for our 20 month old daughter.

The sippy sure medicine cup also gets reviews, but Reese only drinks water (hates juice and milk) so it wouldn't work for us.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Easter Bunny Pancakes

...takes about 2 minutes to make and makes you feel like the funnest mom ever!  (I used frozen blueberry pancakes)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

DIY Todder Picture Book

Last week, one of Reese's daycare teachers mentioned that Reese has been crying for me and Ryan during the day.  Then her teacher basically ripped my heart out when she said, "...and she carries this picture around and kisses it."  Here's the picture she was talking about. Reese and daddy.

Are you trying to kill me?  The picture is folded and faded and scotch taped together. Clearly, my child carries it around a lot.  I wanted to run home with her, quit my job, and never look back. 

Reese usually loves being at school. She loves all of her friends and especially loves her teachers. I think she either really got used to the extra snuggle time we had recently when we went to the Cape, or she just hasn't been feeling well because she is just getting over an ear infection. Or maybe she's going through a new phase. I hope it's not a phase. I'm happy that her teachers have been telling us what's going on, and I know they comfort Reese during the day, but I still feel terrible. They did say that she had a better day yesterday, so I'm hoping it's the ear infection and not a new, every day thing.

So after the whole picture ordeal, I decided that I was going to make Reese a laminated picture book to keep in her daycare cubby.  I spent last night taping pictures onto half sheets of 8.5x11 scrapbook paper.

Today, I went to staples to have the book laminated and bound.  There are 3 levels of thickness for laminating. I chose the middle thickness so it was a little more expensive. The cost of the 12 page book (not including the cost of printing the pictures and the price of the scrapbook paper that I already had was $15.50).  I could have made a fancier book on Blurb or Snapfish, but I like that the book is laminated and will not be easily destroyed by my toddler.

I love how the book turned out, and Reese loves it too.  I'm crossing my fingers that she has a good day at daycare on Monday.