Sunday, March 4, 2012

Re-decorating Our Living Room

Last April when we moved into our house, we decided to paint the living room a coral color. I wasn't certain about the color before we painted, but after it was done, I did like it.  Unfortunatley, I got sick of the color really quickly, and for the past several months, I've been wanting the room repainted!  I've been on Pinterest for months, pinning pictures and trying to decide how I wanted the living room to look.  We decided on the Sherwin Williams color "latte", and I love how it turned out:

At first, I had visions of making the living room a more romantic style...with a white coffee table, light curtains, and white framed pictures on the wall. But after I saw our dark furniture in the room, I actually want to keep our curtains and our furniture dark!  I did end up changing out the coffee table, however.  We brought up our old leather ottoman from the basement, which had been what we used to use as our coffee table when we lived in other places. I thought that the soft leather sides of the ottoman would be a safer option instead of the coffee table for when our baby arrives and can scoot around the living room.  I got the inspiration for the basket and lantern on top of it, from this pottery barn picture on Pinterest:

So here was the room BEFORE:

And here are some more AFTER pictures:

Did I mention that my awesome husband primed and painted the entire room on a Saturday while I was out at bridal shower? He moved out all the furniture by himself, painted the room, and put everything back the same night!  And he hung up all the new pictures that we got!  One of my favorites is this wooden world map from Pier 1 Imports.

And we finally have my favorite wedding picture hanging in the living room too!

Now all we need is an area rug and a wicker chair for across the loveseat, and the room will be complete!  I am so happy with the way it turned out!

Where I bought this stuff:

Couches:  Bob's Discount Furniture
Fake Fireplace: Bob's Discount Furniture
Ottoman:  A furniture store in Las Vegas
Old World Map Wooden Picture: Pier 1 Imports
End table: Ikea
Floor lamp and table lamp: Ikea
Sunburst Mirror: Target
Ladder Shelf: Walmart
Wedding Frame: Michaels
Ottoman Basket and lantern: Home Goods
Throw Pillows: Home Goods